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Considering Paper Capacity And Duty Cycle Of Copiers

When planning to acquire or have a copier leasing, it is important to consider its specifications and features to know whether it is worth its price. Also, by doing this, you will be certain that it can provide the services that your company needs. Here some of the basic printer specifications that you should consider.

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Check on these specifications

One of the specifications you may consider is the dots per inch or dpi. Dpi is defined as the number of dots the printer can fit into a square inch of paper. Higher resolution would mean sharper and detailed printed images. Then you have the engine speed that is usually termed as pages per minute or ppm. Other variations for this term may occur such as copies per minute or cpm and images per minute or imp. Print speed of machines varies according to the complexity of tasks to be done. Moreover, both sides’ printing and higher graphics printing may slow down the speed. Third, you may consider checking the internal memory of your prospected machine. Internal memory is expressed in kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB). The standard memory capacity will dictate the amount of print data the machine can hold when a queue of jobs is waiting to print. For low-end businesses, the recommended memory for their machines should range from 32MB to 128MB RAM. Meanwhile, for higher-end businesses, their RAM should range from 256MB to 512MB and their graphics-oriented printers should start with 1GB. For very busy offices, higher memory is recommended. Fourth, check whether the machine is supporting network connectivity. It can be determined when the unit had a USB port that makes it connectible to a computer or ethernet. Some units may have a wireless connection that is enabled with the use of Bluetooth or WiFi. 

Paper-related specs

Printer duty cycle or others called the monthly duty cycle is the definite number of pages that may be printed per month of a machine taking into account its rated print quality. Before buying or make a copiers lease, it is important to determine whether it is suitable for the type of work you need to carry out with this machine. For manufacturers, part of their process is stress testing it to know the unit’s breaking point and its maximum capacity to perform the tasks it was designed to. For printers and copiers, the duty cycle pertains to the number that was based on the results of the stress testing. It tells the number of pages it can produce in a month without errors and jams. For instance, if a printer claims it has a duty cycle of 1,000 pages per month, it means that you can expect a maximum of that volume monthly without any issues. Though, it does not mean that you can produce that specific number of pages per month since it will just serve as a basis when you compare it to other units. 

The duty cycle is related to the quality of the device, that is why clients would always ask for this whenever they look into printers and copiers specs. It will serve as an indicator of whether they can have a trouble-free operation with the machine as it will dictate its durability. Cheaper units have 8,000 pages per month and heavy-duty ones will have 250,000 pages. 

Aside from considering the monthly duty cycle, few ore factors must be considered to check if the one you are eyeing is suitable for your business functions. Ask if the provider of your printer accommodates supplies replenishment, maintenance, and check-up services. Copier Leasing Services in Houston can surely accommodate all your printer-related needs.