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Important Copier Terminology That You Need to Know

Globalization and Industrialization is an achievement in the human world. Most people rely on technology and its capabilities to make works more accessible.

Many businesses, schools, and offices today make the best out of technology using equipment and machines. 

Aside from being durable and efficient, it is also beneficial in making the work productive. One important machine industry is now using copiers. Offices and businesses that require a lot of paper works rely on copiers. That is why in this modern world, copiers are in high demand.

Many Industries and US-based companies invest in copier leasing, which is a big help in their business’s overall success.

With this equipment, we should be aware of different terminologies associated with copiers. Below are common copier terminology that everyone should know:

Analog Copiers 

Initially, copiers are, for the most part, simple. Simple copier deals with the lights and focal points. Pictures are reflected in a photosensitive surface. When the image is inspected, it is currently then moved to a photoconductor.

Automatic Document Feeder 

From the actual name, it is a device that holds unique papers and feeds the paper each page, thus inside the copier. It permits it to sweep, copy or print various pages without truly supplanting each archives page. 

ADF like this pulls each page, so you don’t need to lift and lower the cover in each paper you copy.

Bates Stamping 

It is the words used to depict how records are numbered during the examining and printing measure. 

Continuous Copies 

This is the capacity of copiers to make a few duplicates of various reports without requiring the operator to press the beginning key toward each cycle’s finish.

Copy size

This refers to the paper size of the records that can be checked or duplicate. 


This is the toner conveying material which is ordinarily a powder framed from iron particles. The rubbing permits the toner to charge, which at that point structures pictures on the page. 

Digital Copier 

It doesn’t utilize the light focal point strategy, similar to simple copiers. It changes pictures into modernized information utilizing a bunch of sensors before recreating them. 


This is viewed as the core of copiers. This is the place where the photographs are taken. It consists of an aluminum center with layers of light. 

Duplex or double-sided copying

It is the technique for duplicating or printing pictures on the two sides of a piece of paper. Contrasted with twofold-sided physically, this component permits organizations to save paper, cut expenses and save time. 

Electronic Sorting or E-sort 

It is done inside a copier which simplifies it for PCs to sort papers 

Energy save mode 

Most copiers have this element, which permits them to go into reserve mode in the wake of duplicating and printing for a specific measure of time. 


It implies making the original picture bigger. 

EPS or Encapsulated PostScript 

It is a file format for portraying pictures that can be utilized and moved inside another postscript text.

First Copy Time 

It is the necessary time of printing. From the start to the furthest limit of the printing cycle, duplicates of reports show up at the left plate. 


It is the strategy for all time joining the toner molecule by warming or applying pressure. 


It is the strategy for accurately coordinating or putting singular pages in a record with the end goal that a gathering of papers can be duplicated or printed. 

Intelligent Printer Data Streams 

It alludes to the language that contains data utilized in the printing cycle. It assists with knowing the printer’s abilities, recognizing its sort, and getting the hang of all that there is to think about the printer. 


It is the standard language of Xerox LPS printers, and it characterizes text and illustrations. 

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