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Top 3 Cost-Effective Printers Of 2020

One vital thing to keep in mind when purchasing a cheap printer is that some manufacturers lower the price of the printer to entice people to buy them, but they keep the price of its consumables like ink cartridges high, as they make their money back in that way. This means that some cheap printers end up being expensive in the long run. Here are some of the best cost-effective printers of 2020. 

Epson Expression Home XP-2100

When you are looking for an affordable, stylish and easy to use a printer, the Epson Expression Home XP-2100 is the one to tick all of the boxes. It is also compact, it produces clear and vibrant prints and it is also capable of mobile printing with WiFi, WiFi Direct and a range of compatible Epson apps. 

The entry-level Epson all-in-one printer looks very smart and stylish. It also shares the same features as the other Expression Home printers. It can print in color using individual ink cartridges, it can scan A4 pages at high resolution and it can photocopy. WiFi is built-in for a network connection or a WiFi Direct link with your smartphone. It can print glossy photo paper, envelopes and it can hold a hundred sheets of A4 in its main paper tray. The only feature that is missing is auto duplex, but with Epson’s aggressive discounting, this is the model that is well worth your money. 

Canon Pixma TS5130

The Canon Pixma Wireless All-in-One TS5130 printer is an entry-level consumer-grade inkjet photo printer that is made for home office and family use. Much like its predecessor, this printer is a fundamental machine with slow print speeds, smallest feature set and high upfront cost among Canon’s TS-series photo-centric Pixmas. But what this printer has going for is its top-quality output, especially pictures. It is good for families who care about printing their pictures as well as occasional documents. 

Although it has a high upfront cost, the running cost of the Canon Pixma TS5130 is rather affordable. It may not have some features like auto-duplex mode, but it still manages to offer amazing and clear prints at a very low price point. The print resolution is 4800 x 1200 DPI, which is a bit higher than many other budget models and the A4 scanner is not much lower in pixel density. It can print on a wide range of media, like Canon’s square photo paper and there is room for 60 sheets of A4 in the rear paper tray. The three colored inks come in the same cartridge, which is a bit of a disadvantage if you use up one color faster than the others, but with its price, you can overlook it. 

HP Deskjet 2622

HP Deskjet series offers a lot of choices when it comes to all-in-one printers at an affordable price and one of the cheapest ones that they have is the glossy while model called Deskjet 2622. It can scan, copy, print and it offers both USB and WiFi connectivity. There is no auto-duplex mode and printing is rather slow, but the overall design is quite compact and practical. Like some other low-cost inkjets, the three colored inks are combined in the same cartridge, which is a bit of a disadvantage but the black is a pigment ink which means that it has more durable black and white printed pages. 

This HP Deskjet model is an all-in-one printer, photocopier, and scanner. You will be able to print up to 8 pages per minute, one more than its predecessor the Deskjet 2632. It costs around 15 pence per page and it connects through WiFi, USB or AirPrint, so it is made for simple printing from any device, including tablets and smartphones. 

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