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3 Copier Brands with Great Reputations

A NUMBER of copier machine manufacturing companies have racked up a good reputation for their great and quality products over the past decades.

Aside from the store, one of the best ways to identify quality copiers is their brand. Knowing a product’s brand is a huge contributing factor to identifying the kind and quality of performance it can deliver. Each copier you lease represents that brand’s, or rather, that company’s built-in reputation.

Here are three of the most well-known copier brands with the best reputation so far:


This is a Japanese-based company that specializes in camera, camcorders, copiers, and printers. In the past decades, they have been known for constant innovations and quality products that have manifested into the goal of the company for quality service. Of printers and photocopiers, their models have been known to claim top spots among the best and most well-known. They provide copiers and printers that are fit for various users with different needs.


Xerox is an American-based company that has been known to provide quality copiers. Their products made quite a reputation that even the term “photocopying” has become synonymous to “xeroxing.” This does not only remain true in America but even in other countries that have experienced quality service from their copier devices. Xerox devices have been known for quality output and impeccable durability.


Ricoh is a UK-based company. The company has made it to the top in the UK in terms of the printing business. What makes this company truly amazing is that even their small-scale copiers possess the ability and features of bigger copier models. This allows a more personal copier use that remains versatile and affordable at the same time.

These are but a few of the most well-known copier brands. It is highly advisable to explore and get a good background check of the companies you are going to lease from.

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