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3 Categories That Tell a Copier’s Quality


SPEAKING OF copiers, there is practically a huge selection of this type of machine widely available to all sorts of users. With so many various types of copier out there — different models, brands, year manufactured, versions, dimensions, features, and capabilities — there is ideally a kind of machine built for almost every person from the different walks of life, one that can specifically fit your every need and cater to your budget range.

However, with the plethora of copiers to choose from, what then, is truly the best of the best? We can actually tell about a machine’s quality based on three general categories: performance, versatility, and affordability. If you know your specific needs including your budget approximation, then you can use these criteria to find the copier ideal for you.

Speaking of performance, we consider the copier’s efficiency and the amount of workload it can handle. Things to look for under such category are as follows: ppm speed (pages per minute), energy efficiency, toner save mode, quiet mode, automation, and connectivity means (network or via cable). All these features would tell you how fast the copier could produce printouts, how efficiently it uses its inputs (toner and energy), as well as how convenient is it for the user to manage.

Versatility means the ability to adapt to different functions and activities. In this case, we are looking at what the copier can do. When it comes to printing, a copier could either print in colored or in monochrome. Aside from printing, copiers are more often able to scan and photocopy as well. These three are the general capabilities of a typical copier machine nowadays. Another feature that is not always present is faxing. With this, it would now largely depend on the individual’s need whether or not he or she would specifically need a device that includes a facsimile.

Lastly, for the budget. With the popularity of the copier machines, the leasing rates have generally gone cheaper in the past years. But of course, expect the fully automated newer models to cost a lot more than the older and basic models.

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