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Three Tips to Conserve Printing Ink for Your Copier Machine

Not everyone is financially Stable especially when it comes to office supplies and equipment. Even the nobles of the work environment can’t afford to sustain a burden of not conserving printing ink resources in a certain industry, not even a neglected consumption of printing ink. If regular printing session is normality, stocks of ink cartridges must be better regulated and must strictly be limited to be used only for necessary documents as much as possible.

While most people focus on the quality and quantity of printing papers for less cost. It is often overlooked that a company can suffer great loss over a very seemingly insignificant part of a copier machine. And not only its existence is not so known but it also is overused if not used without any wastage, let alone even small planning of a certain document to be printed. This could result in unnecessary elements in outputs that are unnecessary and can put the economy of resources in jeopardy. 

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Printing ink is a printer peripheral that must not be used carelessly so here are some THREE TIPS on how to conserve printing ink for your copier machine:

1. Economy of Printing Space

Before a document is to be printed, if someone has to conserve printing ink, the layout of the document must be finalised. Are the printable parts recognisable enough? Is it presentable enough? Make sure every information is briefly and simplistically organised, as also to make sure every part to be printed are the only ones needed or necessary. These practices can be commonly done by previewing first something called the printing layout. Is the document readable enough while still at the limited standards provided by the ink supply?

This, all in all, is to be checked altogether with at the same time, maintaining proper consumption of printing paper. Thus, an economic layout of a certain document must play a great part in making sure the printing ink is properly used.

2. Ink Preferences

What kind of hard copy is to be produced? What kind of document is in dire need?

As much as possible, it was commonly advised to print only in text form, unless there are graphics that also need to be present for brief representation. When it comes to printing in colours, it must also be considered that the size and definition of the images are balanced together with the amount of ink to be used. Such matters must be carefully thought of as nobody would want a wasteful printing business, especially when coloured documents are just to be produced carelessly. At a strict workplace, a black and white printout is the only output allowed as sometimes, only the elite employees are allowed to use coloured printing as regulated by certain policies.

3. Make Use of Every Last Drop

There is this infamous trick that tells you to continue printing even when the ink indicator already tells that the ink has run out. It’s all because there is still some ink left within the cartridge and it would be wasteful for the cartridge to be thrown away not knowing that there is still usable ink left. Suddenly, draining a cartridge is no easy task as a printer machine must be ensured not to function on a drained ink cartridge. The trick is actually about how less ink has to be thrown away together in the ink cartridge. 


Well, it’s not just about the ink itself. Certain practices independent from inking tools can also be adopted. Say for instance that while it may seem contradictory, a printer must be used regularly. This can prevent the ink from getting stuck up. Another one is about the printing nozzles. Bits of dried up ink can clog them that’s why there may appear certain parts in a document with incomplete printing.

A busy world like ours has no given time to fuss on very trivial things, particularly something like worrying about conserving printing ink. It’s even a pain in the head. Not to mention some employees are using the copier machines for leisure purposes (That’s the company’s responsibility anyway).
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