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Review: Xerox B215

Are you in search of a pocket-friendly all-in-one monochrome laser printer? If yes, you may consider investing in Xerox B215. This printer is ideal for small workgroups and offices. It can print documents at a fast speed. Compared to other monochrome laser printers, this one cuts down overall running costs that would save you some amount.

Do you plan to add this monochrome laser printer to your office? You may probably be looking for a comprehensive review of this product. Worry no more. This post will tackle the features, advantages, and disadvantages you can get from using this Xerox B215 laser printer.

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Xerox B215 Design Review

One of the best things about this Xerox B215 laser is portable and compact, measuring only 15.8 x 15.6 x 14.4 inches. It features a duplexer and 40-sheet ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). The duplexer feature of this printer allows you to perform double-sided printing.

On the other hand, its paper cassette can accommodate more than 250 pieces of paper. If you need to print a document on a special paper, you can put one through its manual-feed slot.

Beyond that, this laser printer also comes with a colored touch screen measuring around 3.5 inches. This feature is beneficial for standalone printing. But take note that it is not as convenient to carry as a mobile phone screen.

Xerox B215 Print Speed Review

Overall, this Xerox B215 can print at least 16 pages of documents in one minute. If you use the double-sided printing feature of this printer, you can print 11 pages per minute. Compared to other monochrome laser printer models in the market, this Xerox B215 has a relatively faster printing speed.

Xerox B215 Print Quality Review

Many reasons would encourage you to purchase or lease this. One of these is that it creates clean and precise prints. Beyond that, it can create darker font colors, which adds to the crisp edges of the document.

In addition, you will also love how it prints graphics beautifully. It pays close attention to tiny details of the graphics to give you a smooth and fine texture. But take note that you may also notice minimal banding at some point in printing.

You will also adore how Xerox B215 produces and scans colored photos. It prints well-saturated and natural-looking photographs. Aside from that, it also retains subtle shadow details.

Xerox B215 Yield and Toner Cost

If you are looking for a printer with a low toner cost, then this Xerox B215 will not disappoint you. An average toner yield, which usually costs less than 40 US Dollars, can print more than 1,500 documents. This means that printing a single page of the document only costs 3.3 cents.

Another thing you will love about this monochrome laser printer because it features two toner cartridges: the standard yield and the high-yield cartridges. A high-yield toner only costs around 70 US Dollars and can print around 3,000 pages.


This Xerox B215 is a monochrome laser printer packed with many advanced features. You will adore several things about this product, including its ability to produce high image quality and fast printing speed.

In line with that, it is highly recommended among managers of small to medium-sized offices with moderate office work. The only drawback you will notice is that it may produce tilted copies. Beyond that, paper jamming is also possible if you will not place the papers properly.

Overall, Xerox B215 is perfect if you are looking for a budget-friendly printer. Click here to know more.