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How To Fix Misfeed In Tray 2 Of Toshiba E Studio 232?

Every day, producing copies of files, printing, and scanning is an important activity to be done, especially if you are in the business industry. For this reason, a copier is considered a great help. It is among the most popular equipment that every business owners consider having, particularly that paper works are always a part of the day. May it be about letters, finance, or weekly reports, a copier is always needed.

In every office, you will see copiers in one corner. It will be such an easy job to produce copies, not unless your copier experiences paper jam, leading to your need to call a technician to fix the device. This process will be time-consuming, especially when your papers need to be passed as soon as possible. On top of that, copier repairs will add up the cost, which is such a hassle to you and the business. 

In terms of fast copying and durability, there is one brand for it, and that is the Toshiba E Studio 232. Though Toshiba is a brand that is not big enough compared to others, its products are known to be of good quality. Out of the models that Toshiba introduced includes the E Studios. This model acquired many awards due to its amazing quality. Aside from that, this model was able to be in line with all the competitive brands existing, despite the fact that Toshiba is a small brand.

Features Of Toshiba E Studio 232’s

Here are among the leading features of Toshiba E Studio 232:

  • This device can print, scan, fax, and copy files clearly. With the capability of 23 pages per minute. Quite fast for such a short period, isn’t it?
  • The Toshiba E Studio 232 contains two trays that can hold 550 papers in it. Come to think of it, 550 papers are quite a lot for a copier to handle and with two trays in it. 
  • It only takes 6-7 seconds to produce the first copy out. As what it is expected, Toshiba E Studio 232 is fast and efficient. 
  • In making multiple copies, the Toshiba E Studio 232 can be up to 999 copies. 

Copier Leasing Or Copier Rentals?

Other options may come up in your mind in terms of having a new device, and that is to buy, rent, or lease. If you want to have the most recent device but don’t have  enough budget, you might want to try copiers for lease or copiers for rent. Copier leasing helps you get the most recent device you want in no time. Instead of buying, you can rent them, but you must also take note of the contract in the lease.

It may be a month to month basis depending on the contract. You have the device you want, and it can help you in your business. The majority will still consider paying monthly or quarterly payments rather than paying the whole price itself.

In terms of paying the tax, copier leasing can help you with that. Remember, owning a copier is your asset, and with that, you may have to pay for its tax. Copier leasing won’t let you pay for the copier since it is not an asset you have. It will still depend on you, as someone who is still deciding, if you will try these options. 

In buying the copier you need, Toshiba E Studio 232 is not just the ordinary copier you know. This device is easy to use, innovative, and sustainable. Its price will not be questioned since you will be paid off by its quality. Also, this device gives you such benefits, not just for your papers but also for yourself, as a user.

The Toshiba E Studio 232’s touch panel is clear and large enough, making even quite old personnel to use it without difficulty. Also, it will notify you in case there will be a problem with the copier.

Troubleshooting Your Toshiba E Studio 232 Copier 

Like any other copiers, though of good quality, the Toshiba E Studio 232 has no exemption to copiers’ usual problems, which is misfeeding. So, when paper misfeeding happens suddenly, and you are in a hurry and do not have time to call for a repair, here are things you can do to aid your copier in such short notice.

When paper misfeeding happens, here’s what you have to do:

Check The Information On The Touch Panel

Before doing or touching anything in the copier, try to read the information shown on the touch panel. It is essential to verify first the problem before taking such actions. The touch panel was made for you to be notified of any problem the copier may be experiencing, so that is why you have to check what the problem is in the touch panel before touching anything else. This way, any other complications will be prevented. 

Determine Which Tray Has The Problem

After looking up at the information shown in the touch panel, you will have to know which tray has the problem. The Toshiba E Studio 232 contains two trays and one of which may contain the problem, so it will be best for you to check and identify which tray. After determining which tray has the problem, it will be easier to detect where the misfed papers are. It will be less time consuming for you instead of checking both trays. 

Remove The Paper Slowly And Surely

After knowing which tray has the misfed papers, it is time for you to take it out. When taking out misfed papers, make sure to remove it slowly to ensure that you won’t ruin things more inside the copier. You have to use both of your hands in removing the paper to avoid tearing it inside. Remember, it will be harder for you to remove the paper once it is torn inside.

Though you are in a hurry, do this action slowly and surely. After taking out the paper, check if there are tiny pieces still inside the copier. Those small pieces will affect the copier if it isn’t removed earlier. Always remember that if you don’t remove those tiny pieces, the copier will continue misfeeding. A lot of your time will be consumed again in trying to remove another misfed paper.  

Check Other Parts If Misfeeding Still Continuous

Once you have removed the misfed paper and the misfeeding sign is still there, go back to the touch panel and check other parts of the copier. There may be a misfed paper in some parts of the copier that is why it is not working. It is essential to be mindful and to recheck the touch panel. Try to see which part of the copier still has a misfed paper so that you can remove it immediately and aid the problem. 

Remember Your Safety

In checking the misfed papers, make sure to remember safety measures. Do not touch any metal portion inside the copier while you are removing the paper. That is another reason why you have to remove the paper slowly. Though you are in a hurry, do not forget about your safety because once you are hurt, that will be another problem for you. Do not touch the fuser or anything else. It is essential to check first the touch panel and know the problem before opening anything underneath to check the problem. Not only will the copier be ruined, but your safety may be at risk.  

Close All Open Covers After Checking

After checking everything, make sure to close all the copier’s open covers before trying to use it again. An open cover may cause another problem for you. So close what is supposed to be closed before recovering and using the copier again. It will prevent the copier to misfeed again or be ruined possibly.

Keep in mind that you do not want to cause much more damage than paper misfeeding in the copier you are using. It may be best to know how to use the copier before even using it. 

Final Say

There is no such thing as a perfect device ever made in history. Everything always has its cons, but it does not mean this device is no good for you. There will always be negative feedback from people who always want to judge, but positive feedback will always arise from all of it.

The Toshiba E Studio may not be exempted from paper misfeeding, but remember it is a natural problem with all the copiers existing. This device will not let you down when it comes to some of its features. It has its good qualities, which is why it is one of the best products in the market. Though Toshiba E Studio 232 belongs to a small brand, its quality was able to make its way to the top and make its own name among competitive brands with more prominent names in the field. 

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