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Photocopiers and Printers VS. Climate Change

Our world is not getting any younger and we can all help in preserving it in our little ways. What are the ways to be environmentally friendly without compromising your business’s efficiency? We all know how industrial and office equipment also adds to the toll of straining our environment. Kudos to some photocopier and printer manufacturers because they are doing their best to create and produce machines that have a reduced impact on our environment.

We do not want to have any regrets when the time comes where we can’t do anything to save the Earth. Make sure that the discipline you have for our environment will also be shared in your home and workplace. In this list, we have ways on how we can help in reducing climate change in our office environment. Follow these small steps and it will surely contribute to the greater good.

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Ways on How to Reduce Climate Change in the Office 

  • Save energy and make sure to turn off your photocopiers and printers when not in use. This small step can make a whole lot of difference when you compute the energy that you can save in a year. Do not leave it on overnight because, in the estimation, you are wasting energy that can print up to 1500 copies in just eight hours that you forgot to turn the machine off.
  • A paperless world is still out of reach as of today. It is near impossible if we keep in the list all the small tasks that use a paper. The most effective and helpful alternative is to reuse, reduce, and recycle papers. You can reuse and print on the other side of the rejected papers some notes and lists that you need. Reduce the use of papers in printers by sending files using email. You can also scan and send documents online. Modern photocopiers and printers can save and read files electronically so you can save a lot of paper and also trees. Instead of putting papers in the trash bin, you can compile and donate it to someone who can recycle them. 
  • Double-check everything before you print or photocopy a file. Minimize your waste that is caused by little typographical errors.
  • Purchase a high capacity ink cartridge. You may not know this but the landfills around the world are filled with 80 million empty cartridges and it is still growing. High capacity cartridges will reduce the refilling cost of your printer plus it will produce less waste. 
  • Get rid of your outdated photocopiers and printers. They may be slow and are not energy efficient. If you want to make your office eco-friendly, try purchasing or leasing modern printers and copiers that are more energy saver. This equipment will save a lot of energy since most of these are multifunctional and can do a lot of tasks in a shorter period.

You may think that these papers are insignificant in number but based on case studies, companies, and businesses who replaced their old printers and copiers have reduced their toner and paper consumption. The waste paper they produce every year is about four and a half tons and after switching into a multifunctional printer and photocopier they have generously reduced this number. If you want to avail of copier lease and copier leasing services, find a company with good and flexible equipment. Copier leasing in Houston assures you of its up-to-date and eco-friendly printers and copiers. They also have all the latest multifunction printers and copiers that you can avail of for lease at any time. Copier leasing services in Houston will surely be advantageous not just to you but also to our environment.