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4 Signs You Need a New Office Copy Machine or Printer

Copiers and printers are some of the most useful tools that any office can have. It provides a lot of benefits for the business like being able to print out important documents and materials for marketing and promotion as well as for preparation of reports and other documents needed by the operations. If you are looking for a sign if you need to replace your printer or copy machine, these items may be what you are experiencing and this is a sign for you to take a leap and get your business a new printer.

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  1. Print quality is poor. Older models of printer can tend to produce a lower quality of print out due to the technology it possesses and also because of the years of work it may have been used. Some of its parts may have become worn out due to the natural wear and tear and with the passing of time. These factors may be contributory to the low quality of the output of your printer and no amount of cleaning or upgrade may be able to improve this situation. At this point it is better to purchase a new unit for your business rather than having to redo work or having to repeatedly get your present unit up for maintenance or repairs. 
  2. The copier or printer is prone to overheating. In most offices, the printers are commonly left on for the whole working day and are usually switched to power saving mode while it is not being used. However, some models do not have this feature and thereby it stays in the same mode of being used throughout the day. This causes a high intake of electricity which in turn causes the unit to heat up. This can potentially be dangerous for the business because an appliance that overheats can become a cause of a spark and since printers are usually close to paper, may even cause a fire. Additionally, a printer or copier machine that overheats can cause damage to the print output and would require you to repeat your printing jobs repeatedly.
  3. The machine is not able to perform other tasks. In previous times, the tasks of printing and copying were performed by separate machines. This means that you will need to plug in several machines at the same time or you will need to purchase additional machines in order to perform particular tasks. Nowadays, one machine can perform multiple functions like printing, scanning, making copies, sending emails and even fax. They can even come with additional features such as being able to print via wireless connections or be connected to the internet in order to send files directly without needing a connection from a computer to complete the job. 
  4. The machine is not ecologically and energy efficient. These days the environmental impact of equipment has to be taken into consideration in making purchases. Most multifunctional printers available in the market have an energy efficiency feature that allows it to be on standby mode when not in use. It allows the printer to cool down and use up less energy. This would equate not just to great savings for your business in terms of lesser electricity cost but it would also be a great step towards a greener practice for your business, as well. 

Indeed, multifunctional printers and copiers are great investment pieces that can provide for wonderful return of investments for your business. It is a great tool to help grow and increase your business that can be used for many purposes and for a long period of time with the proper use, care and maintenance.