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Type of Businesses That Uses Printers The Most

Printing documents has always been a usual routine whether you are a student or a working professional. These documents are printed so you can have a copy or give someone a copy for reference or safekeeping. But have you ever wondered which businesses or professions use printers most of the time? With different businesses and professions around the world, you might be quite curious or just wondering which of them use the printer a lot. No worries, below is a list of professions or businesses that use printers a lot as they need a lot of documents that come with their job.


One of the top users of printers is educators. It has been reported that average schools can print 360,000 sheets per year. The United States alone, they have schools that are approximately 131,000. It means paper sheets of more than 47 B are being used every year by educators.

If you were to divide that by 180 which stood for the days of the school year, it would leave 262 M pages each day. So that means that is how many papers are being used each day every day in every school in the country. These printed papers are the assignments and materials given by professors to students for them to use for study or reference materials. There is also the administrative work that is behind every school that is a guarantee that they are having more additional papers being printed each day aside from the school works, assignments, and references handed to the students.


Another profession that uses the printer a lot is the profession of law. According to research conducted by Marco Technologies, an attorney can generate printed copies of 60,000 sheets on average each year. So if you will do some computation, if an hour can print 30 pages in a 40 hrs per week schedule then there would be 240 sheets per day printed. With how many requirements are needed regularly, lawyers consistently print paperwork that is required in facilitating their jobs in and out of the courtroom.


Next is the medical profession which can also generate a lot of paper each day as they print 178 pages in just a single hospital. Based on the research made by Healthcare Finance, a hospital that has 1,500 beds, which is usual for hospitals, can print over 8 M pages each month and this is only for hospitals. A typical medical worker who works in the office can generate another 36.5 sheets of paper each day and when combined, 214 sheets of paper for patients’ paperwork every day. It’s not even surprising as Medical studies require a lot of papers to do extensive research to further improve the industry to save many lives and create new medicine.


Another profession that needs a printer is accounting. Each accountant prints 35.5 sheets of paper to produce a copy of the balance sheets and other statements that are needed for a company to run properly and show the company’s income. Accounting involves a lot of financial documents that are printed first or have been filled out through digital means. They also print some administrative paperwork whenever they are dealing with their clients.

The professions listed above are not the only profession or business that uses a printer a lot. These are just the top users of printers as they came with their job. They use a lot of paper in just a day and some of them are not even used and end up as scratch papers. If you are going to combine them, the amount of paper printed is too much and cannot be counted by hand or by a single person alone.

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