Xerox repair varies depending on the machine your office has. Dealing with the old photocopier machines is much more hassle rather than when you are using the digital Xerox machines. However, if any of these machines do not function well you have to be sure to seek help to the right professionals.

Many years ago, photocopier or Xerox machines were used by most companies and institutions. During these times and even up to the present, the cost is dependent on the number of copies the person or the customer needs. These old versions of Xerox machines use inks and also wet xerographic procedure. These large, office machines are always kept at high maintenance since it involves many parts. Also, the toner is supplied by the manufacturer under an agreement upon purchasing the product. For these big, old photocopier, Xerox repair is always ready so that once any problems occur you can immediately fix so that everyone’s work is not interrupted.

Along with the loss of these photocopier machines are the arrival of the latest versions of Xerox. Today, most companies and businesses no longer use photocopiers and instead adhere to the new technology using printers and scanners. With the boom of the digital Xerox, employers are now faster and can provide a better and enhanced hard copies or documents. Scanners are much more reliable and produce good quality. However, the only problem with these scanners is that of the printing because errors may occur in feeding the paper to be copied.

There is a big difference in terms of the Xerox repair between the old photocopiers and the printers & scanners.

As for the old photocopiers, a service agreement is always present and there is no warranty for the machine and even its parts. Most of the time, the parts are even unchangeable. So, when problems occur you really have to wait for the technician and repair it. But, in terms of the repair of the printers and scanners, warranty is always provided by every company. And the usual warranty period is about 1 to 3 years depending on the brand and the type of the machine. More so, the parts of these machines may be changed or replaced by the user alone if the warranty is already void. This is one big advantage for the users. They get to save more from service charges for Xerox repair. Another is that, you will not really need a full maintenance unlike of those photocopiers. Digital Xerox is easier to maintain and is hassle free. For the many advantages that digital Xerox offers, many companies and businesses swap from the old one to the advanced one.

Furthermore, the constant use and improper use of the digital Xerox will make it vulnerable to damage and printing problems. A very important thing you have to remember is to always follow the correct steps in switching of your printers. Do not just unplug it suddenly. Moreover, keep in mind to always turn off the printer when not in use. By doing these, you are maintaining proper ways on how to keep your digital Xerox at its best. Most importantly, perform regular cleaning time for your printer using wet cloth and ensure to remove dirt, dust and other foreign objects. It would be best to put a cover on the digital Xerox when not in use to be assured that it is away from dirt. Doing so will surely avoid your digital Xerox from future Xerox repair.